Democratisation and institutional reforms

DevCo provides services for government agencies, local governments, and NGOs regarding the design of development programs for the implementation of institutional reforms. We provide innovative models to help organizations achieve their goals, especially in the area of democratisation. DevCo works at the central and local level, having built a strong network with municipalities across Albania.

Institutional reforms play a key role in the welfare and integration of a country.  We can assist to make the necessary analysis and help institutions or organizations to review and restructure the undertaken reforms, or to shape reforms that lead to a sustainable change of a certain sector.

We focus on institutional capacity building, financial planning, conduct organizational assessment, and develop various legal and management instruments to deliver strong results. Our experienced experts identify how various components are connected and structured into theories of change, taking account of the political, economic, and cultural factors, and create technical know-how tailored to the objectives of your organization.